ZF010049 - Increased thickness of the mold opening/closing levers


Benefits: Efficiency increase - Technology update

This upgrade is a new technical solution for SMIFORM latest-generation blow-molders, but also available for previous series; it consists in replacing the mold opening/closing levers with newly-developed ones.

The HP blow-molders feature opening/closing levers that have been revised and developed as far as the design and the size are concerned; the new solution has been made available also for the blow-molders of the previous series, in order to better meet the production requirements and ensure longer life of SMIFORM systems.

As compared to the previous version, all operations that might create breaks have been eliminated; moreover, the thickness of the new levers has been increased, thus making the system more solid and precise.

Minimum requirements:

Available on all SR 2nd series models, but always to be verified with the technical department.


- Better reliability at medium/high speed;
- Components longer life.


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Spare Parts Department

Spare Parts Department