Rotary technology

In SMI stretch-blow moulders, designed according to INDUSTRY 4.0 parameters, fully automatic processes, electronically-controlled operations and wiring by field bus are synonyms of reliability, considerable operational flexibility and high performances:


  • Technology developed in order to reach high outputs and excellent performances per cavity;
  • rotary continuous motion production cycle;
  • accurate heating profile, differentiated for each preform;
  • single-cavity moulds (they can contain one preform only);
  • control and check of each mould and, consequently, of each cavity;
  • precise and constant monitoring of all phases of the stretch-blowing process, thanks to the specific parameters for each preform, which can be modified retroactively;
  • quick changeover and mould replacement;
  • reduction of the maintenance and operating costs: the constant rotation of the blowing-wheel generates inertial loads almost equal to zero; therefore, the electrical power consumption is minimized;
  • the compressed air consumption is very low, thanks to the air recovery system and to the low dead volume of each stretch-blowing station;
  • possibility to stop a stretch-blowing station in case of failure, slowing down the production without interrupting it;
  • continuous flow of bottles at the machine outlet.