Pick & place packers

ACP ERGON series


The ACP ERGON series consists of automatic compact packers, characterized by a solid monoblock structure, suitable for packing a wide range of products (glass, metal, plastic, cardboard containers and rigid bags) in American cardboard cases (RSC).

Case packers from the ACP ERGON range feature a pick & place packaging system with loose product top loading and they can reach an output up to 20 packs/min.
Hot melt glue (G model), as well as tape (S model), can be used to seal the cases.

Format changeover is easy and quick and is carried out through the replacement of picking grippers.
The machine access is easier, with advantages for the maintenance operations performed by the operator.

Speed (PPM)2040



1On a four-lane infeed conveyor, equipped with chains made of thermoplastic material with low friction coefficient level, a mechanical system for separating the product, composed of a pneumatic device for blocking and releasing the upper and lower loose product, creates the desired format.


2The pre-folded blanks are picked from the cardboard magazine by an alternate motion picker composed of a group of suckers with vacuum suction. By moving away from the magazine, the picker opens the cardboard blank by giving it the squared shape of an open case.


3The rotary flap-folding devices close the case lower flaps. The upper stabilizer opposes the upward push that the case receives during the closure of the lower flaps. The pre-inserting flap opener keeps the case upper flaps open during the product loading.


4The product is picked by grippers in the case of loose containers and by suction suckers in the case of packs and is placed in the case through a top-loading system. Flap-folding devices activated by semi-rotary cylinders close the case upper flaps. In the case of case packers with hot melt glue sealing (G model), there is a glue group with double spray gun.

  • Machine bearing frame made of sand-blasted and powder-painted steel
  • Sliding protection doors in anodised aluminium featuring a rounded shape which let all the motors (featuring low energy consumption) be placed externally if compared to the mechanical groups they activate. The closing system of doors is equipped with a slow-down device, which accompanies the door smoothly in its final phase of closure
  • Alternate motion picker driven by brushless motor, composed of an arm on which a group of suckers with suction through vacuum ejectors slides horizontally. Furthermore, the picker is equipped with a photocell for controlling the presence of cardboard blanks in the suction area
  • Possibility to stack the product in the case, without the need for dedicated systems, with advantages in terms of costs
  • Use of pre-folded blanks, characterized by a reduced size
  • Glue group with double gun equipped with dual nozzle, adjustable in opening and height (only for models with hot melt glue sealing - G model)
  • Automation and control MotorNet System® technology based on Sercos field bus
  • Absence of gearboxes and prevailing employment of ICOS brushless motors equipped with digital servo-driver integrated into the motor
  • Interactive 7'' touchscreen display (15'' model mounted on an arm sliding on rail available as an option)

Operational flexibility

These machines can package a wide range of products in several pack collations, so as to effectively meet the end user's current and future requirements. Moreover, each machine can be equipped with additional devices, which increase its basic functions and ensure a high level of customization of the final package.

Cardboard magazine external to the case packer

The cardboard magazine is completely external to the case packer; this makes the loading of pre-folded blanks easy and ergonomic.

Highly precise adjustments

The new ACP ERGON are equipped with counters with hand crank for controlling the format changeover, which ensures more precise adjustments in handling the format. Moreover, automatic adjustments of the cardboard magazine are installed as standard equipment on all models, while the adjustments of the case former can be installed as an option.

Quick and simple format changeover

Format changeover is simply carried out by replacing the picking gripper. This enables to go quickly from one format to another, as well as from one type of product to another.

High reliability of the packaging process

The pick & place packaging process features an alternating motion (stop & go). During it, the case content is protected against hits or shocks. Furthermore, it is possible to handle delicate products, without damaging the labels during the machine functioning.

User-friendly man-machine interface

The POSYC® control panel, fixed or sliding on a boom running the whole length of the machine (depending on the machine model), enables even less expert operators to easily and effectively run the packer, thanks to an intuitive interface, a touch screen display and diagnosis functions and real-time technical support available on the POSYC®.

Images are for illustrative purposes and data are not binding, as they have to be confirmed by SMI according to the machine user's production conditions and technical specifications.