Machine update (SmyUpgrades)


Thanks to an intense activity of Research & Development, SMI machines are constantly innovated and enhanced by adding new models and variants equipped with the latest technology; the latter enables the machine's end user to benefit from greater operating flexibility, lower production and maintenance costs and higher energy efficiency. 

All customers who wish to improve the efficiency and streamline the performances of their machines can take advantage of a broad offer of upgrades, new applications and additional functions that SMI has created for packers, blowmoulders and palletizers. Upgrades are installed by specialized engineers of SMI's after-sales service, in order to ensure a perfectly done job and a quick restart of the machine.

All you have to do is to access “SmyUpgrades” section of Smipass reserved area and pick the type of upgrade package that better suits your production needs or the benefits you want to get (cost reduction, process automation, energy saving, efficiency boost, etc.). Through a reasonable investment each SMI's customers can  easily and quickly adapt his bottling and packaging plants to new market trends and upgrade them to the latest technologies.

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