Cost-saving compact lines

SMI's System Engineering Department offers complete bottling and packaging lines equipped with cutting-edge technological solutions for energy saving and cost reduction.

The innovative technical solutions devised by SMI designers enable to dramatically cut the production costs of each bottle produced by the plant thanks to specific devices designed to save energy and streamline production cycles of every machine in the plant.

In more detail, a new “cost-saving” bottling line is made up of two blocks of machines whose high integration enables to cut space requirement, costs and consumptions:

  • the first block is composed of an ECOBLOC® gathering into a single unit the functions of stretch-blowing, filling and capping (also labelling upon request);

  • the second block, called PACKBLOC and specific for the end-of-line packaging, is composed of an automatic machine for secondary packaging integrated with a two-Cartesian-axis automatic palletization system.

Sample configurations: traditional lines and cost-saving lines

Sample configurations: traditional lines and cost-saving lines

Cost and consumption reduction

If compared to traditional bottling plants made up of more "stand-alone" machines linked together by long stretches of conveyour belts, the cost-saving compact lines enable to reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) thanks to:

  • lower initial investment, since the two multi-tasking ECOBLOC® and PACKBLOC units allow to remarkably cut the length of the conveyour belts installed in the bottling and packaging plant; 

  • lower personnel costs, since the two machines performing all of production operations can be run and controlled by a reduced number of operators (in particular cases one operator only might take care of the whole system);

  • fewer interventions of machine maintenance and cleaning and lower consumption of spare parts, since the whole line is composed of just two multi-functional units;

  • energy costs cutting, since only high-efficiency and low consumption motors are used.

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